Marketer of the year

Lars Westerlund's PR manager of the association Dark & Cold  who since 2012 annually organizes the Scandinavian Championship in winterswim in Skellefteå. In 2016 the competition has also received the World Cup status. 2013 was the Association designated by the Skellefteå Market Association to Marketer of the Year in Skellefteå. Dark & Cold wants in collaboration with other stakeholders, further refining the dark and cold to something that enriches life both for those who live in these areas and for those who have the privilege to visit this part of the world.

From 37 to...

In the book Från 37 till…(From 37 to ...) tells the story of what happened when the union Kommunal Stockholms Län in 2013 left their old base organization with 37 sections behind. It now boasts a brand new solution with far fewer sections much which  better can ensure consistent service regardless of employer. A solution that may well be the model for future unions. Author: Lars Westerlund and Lars-Åke Tjernström Photo: Lars Westerlund  and others Shape: Jonas Lundqvist Client: Kommunal Stockholms Län

Markus the modern farmer

In the book "Markkus the modern farmer", we follow 23-year-old Markus Lindgren in his first year after taking over a historic farm in the village Ragvaldsträsk. A farm that operated for three generations of family Edstrom but where none of the children wanted to take over and where Markus became like a son of the family. The book can be seen as a guidebook for those who are eager to invest in a professional career as a farmer. A life full of freedom and but also full of hard work. Author: Lars Westerlund Photo: Camilla Öjhammar Graphic Design: Ola Lundqvist, Hugin & Munin Client: Camilla Öjhammar


During 2009  and during spring 2011 Lars Westerlund was an editor on a freelance basis for both the Skellefteå Municipality magazine Skellefteå-tidningen and the magazine for the local authority staff Journal of IDA. Since Skelleftea-tidningen was founded in 1990, Lars has regularly written for the magazine. Skellefteå-tidningen has been nominated twice for the Swedish Publishing Award.

Spädbarnsfondens magazine

Lars Westerlund is editor of Spädbarnsfondens magazine ( Infant Foundation ). This magazine is published once a year by the association who work to support parents who have lost their infant children either through still birth or cot deaths. The photograghs were taken by Paulina Holmgren and the graphic design is created by Mats Långström, Helicopter Reklambyrå.


Lars Westerlund is editor of the LWE-magazine. This magazine is published by the Competence Centre Lean Wood Engineering. LWE works with  research and development in:
- Industrial Wood Construction,

Rolex Day Date Replica
- Wood manufacturing and
- Interior solutions.
    LWE is a collaboration between Luleå University of Technology, Linköping Institute of Technology, Lund Institute of Technology and companies in the building and wooden industry.

Same Same but Different


A photographic journey of everyday life which takes the pulse of and show the similarities and differences in Skellefteå and the Japanese municipality of Chichibu.

シェレフテオ 市 (スウェーデン), 秩 父 市 (日本) で 暮らす 人 々 の 生活 風景 の 撮影 ロケ を 行い, 両 市 について の 深い 考察 を 行う とともに, 双方 の 類似 点 相違 点 を 明らか に しました.

The exhibition is part of the  official collaboration  between the municipalities,  which in 2007 signed a cooperation agreement. The purpose of this  agreement is to creat business and relationships between businesses and public players in the two municipalities.

この 写真 展 は, 2007 年 に 両 市 が 締結 した "产业 连 携 交流 协定" に 基づく 交流 事業 の 一環 として 開催 する もの です. この 交流 協定 は, 両 市 の 企業 や 行政 機関 が, 产业 分野 行政 分野 において 交流を 図る こと を 目的 と し て います.

Text: Lars Westerlund and Yukihiro Kaneta
Photo: Paulina Holmgren
Client: Skellefteå Municipality and Chichibu
The exhibition which reflects a day in Skellefteå and one day in Chichibu was shown in 2008 in Skellefteå museum and are permanently exhibited in Chichibu.

The Invisible Miners

We human beings like to believe that it is we who are in charge. In fact we are surrounded by tiny little organisms that once started the evolution and continue to make life on our planet possible. We are of course talking about bacteria! This documentary spans from the time of the calcolithic miners in Spanish Rio Tinto to modern day society. Today the global demand for metals is rapidly increasing and countries all over the world are literally being “hoovered” for ore deposits.  


Script: Lars Westerlund and Lena Malmström

Reportage: Lena Malmström

Producer: Christer Nyström, MCN Produktion

Client: The EU-project BioMinE. The film has also been shown on Swedish Television. 

Wooden Houses built on the high level (Trähusbyggnade på hög nivå)

Lars Westerlund was editor of the magazine Trähusbyggande på hög nivå (Wooden houses built on the high level). 2006-2008 this magazine was issued by the Nationella Träbyggnadsstrategins fortbildnings program ( National Timber Structures strategy training program )  and Sveriges Träbyggnadskansli (Sweden's Wood Building Registry ) . The magazine presented news of Industrial Wood Construction. The graphic designer was Jonas Lundqvist.

PR for HelaProjektet on tour

HelaProjektet on tour,  took place November 1 to December 14 2005. The seven conferences around Sweden presented the  results collected  from a variety of regional projects funded by HelaProjektet which was designed to provide part-time work opportunity to progress up to full time. PR campaign resulted in 186 articles published between 1 November and 31 December. These articles were in magazines with a circulation of 5.1 million copies. In addition, there were several stories on TV and radio. After the tour  a book was made for the Government with 17 proposals on solutions for involuntary part-time work.


Public relation Manager and author: Lars Westerlund

Client: HelaProjektet

Tour Partner: Maria Forssell

Designers relay: Björn Lundkvist

Skellefteå in heart and soul

In Skellefteå there are plenty of entrepreneurial, enterprising and resourceful people. All contribute in different ways to  the development of  business and culture. Consequently they create a beneficial and diverse life for themselves and for the district.

    We  come face to face with  a number of Skellefteä inhabitatants who guide us around the municipality and allow us both into the lives of  themselves and  Skelleftea.

    Skellefteå is Sweden's city of gold and wooden industry Here you find located  the head offices of many companies.There is also a wealth of experience, knowledge and natural resources.

    The city's beautiful location with the  Skelleftea River and the magnificent scenery as well as the surrounding forest is the backdrop for a rich and creative life, for all who want to savor it.


Author: Lars Westerlund

Main Photo: Lasse Johansson and Torbjörn Lilja

Foreword: Bert Ohlund

Graphic design: Nils Arvidsson

Released: 2005

The Skellefteå Ridklubb story

The Skellefteå Ridklubb  ( Riding Club )story is the book for the first 50 years in Skellefteå Ridklubb history. The story stretches from the first tentative steps in the Swan's private stables, indoor riding arena through the Skelleftehamn, to today's modern plant in Hedensbyn.

     Thousands of children, adolescents and adults have had their riding education at Skellefteå Ridklubb. Some have also been successful on the racetracks.

    Skelleftea Ridklubb has always been in front when it came to creating new activities and to attract new groups of riders in the business. Two good examples of this are the disabled horse riding and leisure riding.


Editor: Lars Westerlund

Author: Kerstin Öqvist Winter, Lena Johansson, Torfrid Stenman, Jeanette Lövgren

Foreword: Nils Engstrom

Graphic design: Lisbeth Burman

Client: Skellefteå Ridklubb

Released: 2005

Visit to reality (Nedslag i verkligheten)

Almost 100 projects were run around the country with the help of contributions from the Hela- project, which was the Government's drive to solve the problem of involuntary part-time employment.
    In the book Nedslag i verklugheten, we meet ten people involved in various projects. We meet them on the job where they talk about their work situation and how that affected the entire project.
    The aim of the book is to inspire those who want to start new projects to create more full-time jobs as well as demonstrate the problems that may arise along the way.

Author: Lars Westerlund
Foreword: Kenth Pettersson
Photo: Gunnar Seijbold
Client: The Hela-project
Released: 2004

With a feeling for wood

This is the story of the Martinsons family business in Bygdsiljum. What started in 1929 as a mobile saw driven by a heavy oil engine has today became a group of companies with a turnover of billions of kronor.

    But the path here has not been an easy one. To attain today's strong position in the marketplace has required sweat, tears and an abundance of job satisfaction. A theme running through the whole story is hard work combined with an inclination to always test new and innovative methods. Glulam, timber bridges and solid wood are three areas where Martinsons hade made a name in the industry.


Author: Lars Westerlund and Britta Karlsson Jonsson

Layour and design: Jonas Lundqvist

Photos: Patrick Degerman and others.

Client : Martinsons

Released: 2004

The women in Skega (Kvinnorna på Skega)

The book gives a unique insight into how the situation has changed for women in industry since the 1940s.

     It is the result of years of meetings in which 37 women with enthusiasm discussed and talked about their work at the rubber factory in Skega Ersmark in Västerbotten.

     This is a document which, among other things, may give today's female industrial workers and officials perspective on their work situation.


Editor: Lars Westerlund

Project Manager: Karin Öhlund

Graphic design: Bjorn Lundqvist

Released: 2004

With a taste of Västerbotten

What really happened on  that day in the early 1870s when dairymaid Eleonora Lindstrom radically altered the  way of making cheese, nobody knows. Some argue that it was a mistake, others that it was advanced product development. Be that as it may, she created a cheese with a taste  you will remember if you dare to try it.
    Västerbotten is today one of Sweden's best known brands. Ever since it was served at the Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf and Princess Sibylla of Saxony’s  wedding in 1932, it has been a feature of the Swedish royal family gala dinners. The cheese has now become so very popular that it is also often used in breakfast sandwiches.
     In this book we learn more about the myth behind the Västerbotten cheese. We give you a tour of the district in which the cows produce the raw material. We pay a visit to the dairy in Burtrask, the cheesestorage in Ånäset and finally, we meet the cheese in processed form as appetizers, main courses and desserts made by ten talented Swedish chefs.

Author: Lars Westerlund
Foreword by Per Olov Enquist
Photo: Patrick Degerman
Designer: Jonas Lundqvist
Client: Skellefteå municipality
Released: 2002

Robot - Slave, Lover and Master



A documentary showing the origins of robotics, and a possible future with humanoid robots. The program has aired on Discovery Science, YLE Finland, Utbildningsradion and Kunskapskanalen. ( Educational radio and Knowledge Channel. )


Script and reportage: Lars Westerlund

Producer: Christer Nyström, MCN Produktion

The program has for example  been shown on Discovery Science, Yle Finland and several swedish channels

Breath of fresh air from Futurum

On August 25, 1952  an individual firm Matoz N. Bergmark was registered. The young innovator Nils Bergmark developed new types of hoods in the outhouse in the home yard in Ersmark, with the help of his brother, Lennart.  The fan Futurum was a success and the brothers were in 1964 inaugurated a new factory in Byske.

       In the book we follow Futurum during its first 50 years of life. Today, Futurum is owned by Italian  Faber and the company is moving into a new era.

Author: Lars Westerlund

Graphic design: Krux & co
Project Manager: Ann-Sofi Ådin Bjurman and Rolf J Persson

Client: Futurum

Released: 2002

The Fatherland to its sons

The last battle between Sweden and Russia was fought in Sävar 1809. Since then no soldier has fallen in battle on Swedish soil. This dramatised documentary lets us follow the suffering of the soldiers in the shadow of the political intrigue between Europe’s super powers. 


Script and reportage: Lars Westerlund and Emil Tjärnström, Westerlunds Reportagebyrå

Producer: Christer Nyström. MCN Produktion

The program has for example been shown on TV4 in Sweden and on different finnish and russian TV channels. 

ALL MY HEART - Moments from Skellefteå pophistory

Pop music speaks directly to the heart. The musicians and audiences communicate. A song can open up minds, turn away embankments and drop pent-up emotions free.
    The book follows the development of local pop music - from the first wave of pop band in the mid-sixties through the struggle for their own rehearsal rooms, construction of new scenes, the happiness of success in Sweden and abroad, until the appointment to Popcity 2002.

Ideas group: Lars Westerlund, Jonas Lundqvist, Emil Tjärnström, Paulina Holmgren and Asa Stocksén
Author: Emil Tjärnström. Westerlunds

Photographer: Paulina Holmgren
Client: Skellefteå municipality
Released: 2002


In 1993, Lars Westerlund became Editor of QA Magazine, which later changed its name to Kvalitetsmagasinet (Quality Magazine). Until 2002 he stood at the helm of this magazine which is the leading trade magazine for those who work professionally with quality and business development.

The Extended Arm of Man

Robotics is a subject that always arouses feelings. Some people are worried that industrial robots will take their jobs, while others reflect on improved working conditions and efficient manufacturing.  Despite the presence of industrial robots since the early sixties, their history is relatively unknown.

    In the beginning of the 21th century, there were a total of 700,000 industrial robots installed  throughout the world.


Författare: Lars Westerlund

Projektledare: Christina Bredin och Sven Sjöqvist

Grafisk form: Ulf Lindahl

Beställare: ABB Robotics

Utgiven: 2000

With gold in sight (Med guld i sikte)

One cold December morning in 1924  some men found gold ore in what is now called Boliden. It was the start of frantic activity. About one year after the find  the activity was in full swing. Johan August Rutström, mining union's ombudsman, arrived at the scene. His task was to launch a specialized department. It would be the mining section 85, commonly known as Eighty Five.

     The book is about the miners in Boliden. These TOUGH, but comradely workers. It was they who made it through the mineral-rich rock, with a focus on primarily one thing, Gold!


Author: Lars Westerlund and Emil Tjärnström

Project leader: Rune Nystrom

Graphic design: Stephen Burman

Client: Metall 49 (The union for metalworkers)

Released: 2000

Västerbotten - developing during 100-year

It is probably known that since the establishment of Umeå University the city of Umeå has grown up well and truly, but the fact is that the population in northern Sweden has increased by as much as 79 percent during the 1900s. From 144 000 people in 1900 to 258 000 people in 2000.

    It all began in Västerbotten inland, which grew rapidly in the early 1900s.

    The book also tells about the changing lives of the Sami, happy gold rush days in northern Västerbotten, energy and wood industry's history and impact of improved communications.

   Three young people complete the book with visions of how the county will be developed in the new century.


Editor: Lars Westerlund

Photo Editors: Catarina Sundberg and Lars Westerlund

Graphic design: Majbritt Hagdahl

Client: Informationsförlaget and County Administrative Board in Västerbotten

Released: 1999

Wooden bridges - an alternative to steel and concrete

Wood as a building material for bridges has for a long time been totally outdated, but now has become the material of interest to build bridges again. The reason is the wood's qualities:- light, strong and ductile. Through the development of laminated wood, it has also been enriched with new properties.


Author: Lars Westerlund, Bjorn Abelsson

Photo: Lars Westerlund Others

Layout: Björn C Hårdstedt and Ulla Meier

Client: Swedish Association of Local Authorities

Released: 1998

Alimak- The first 50 years

Alimak AB is a world leader in rack-and-pinion driven hoists. The company was founded in 1948 by Alvar Lindmark – from the town of Skellefteå in northern Sweden. His first inventions were made in order to make his own life as a construction worker easier. By constantly looking for parts of the building that could be mechanized, he developed a wide range of products over a short time

       In this book, we follow Alimak’s story – from a small, innovative company in northern Sweden to a successful player on the international marketplace. Alimak’s products are now to be found all over the world.


Author: Lars Westerlund

Projectleader: Birgit Eriksson, Majbritt Hagdahl

Client: Alimak AB

Utgiven: 1998

The hunt for the hidden resources

There are a variety of resources within each organization that are just waiting to be awakened. The first step  is often to stop and analyze. From the insight thus obtained  to build strategies and developing the activities and skills.

    Växtkraft Mål 4 was an EU aid which would stimulate business and skills development in small and medium-sized businesses, and health-care activities in the municipality and county.

    The script presents experiences from eight organizations in northern Sweden who has been using Växtkraft Mål 4 as a springboard for development.


Author: Lars Westerlund

Project management: Lars Lindblom

Photo: Erland Segerstedt

Client: Programme office for EU in Västerbotten

Released: 1998

Telekom Idag

 In 1994 Lars Westerlund was involved in starting up the magazine Telekom Idag (Telecom Today). Until 1997 he worked as Editor of the newspaper and also wrote a lot of articles in it. Telecom Idag is Sweden's leading magazine dealing with issues related to telecommunications.

Telekom Idag

 In 1994 Lars Westerlund was involved in starting up the magazine Telekom Idag (Telecom Today). Until 1997 he worked as Editor of the newspaper and also wrote a lot of articles in it. Telecom Idag is Sweden's leading magazine dealing with issues related to telecommunications.

Telekom Idag

 In 1994 Lars Westerlund was involved in starting up the magazine Telekom Idag (Telecom Today). Until 1997 he worked as Editor of the newspaper and also wrote a lot of articles in it. Telecom Idag is Sweden's leading magazine dealing with issues related to telecommunications.

Quality as a competitive tool

In recent years, concepts such as "Made in Sweden" and "Swedish quality" has become significantly devalued. Many Swedish companies have realized that it is not clear that "the Swedish steel bites".

     In this book we are gazing after the Swedish quality. In the first part we get through, inter alia, Professors Bengt Klefsjö, Bo Bergman and Lennart Sandholm.

     The second section, shows companies such as Volvo Car Corporation, Telia, Vattenfall and how they work with quality. We may also take note of the quality work within the municipality and county council - insurance and medical care. These examples show that quality is a concept with many dimensions. In order to succeed, using both brain and heart.


Projektleader and author: Lars Westerlund

Editor: Gunilla Widengren

Graphic design: Örjan Nordling

Client: Informationsförlaget and SIQ

Released: 1995

Let there be light (Varde ljus)

This book takes the reader on a journey, with many stopovers in Northern Västerbotten electricity history.

    In the beginning everything went very slowly. Throughout the nineteen years studying the introduction of electric lighting in Skellefteå. But when decision-makers in the small northern town had decided, they took a courageous decision.

   Finnforsen in  Skellefteå, which opened in 1908, was the largest hydroelectric power plant in Northern Sweden, which both gave power to local industries and lighting to the city's population.

   Gradually, Skellefteå Kraft has built more power plants and expanded distribution area. Let there be light tells the story of the development up to 1995 of the country's second-largest municipal power producer.


Author: Lars Westerlund

Project Manager: Rudolf Marklund

Foreword: Torsten Lundström

Graphic design: Karin Lundkvist

Client: Skellefteå Kraft

Released: 1995